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Shel HoltzShel Holtz has forgotten more about communication technology than I and other mortals will ever know.  Founder and prinicipal of Holtz Communication + Technology, Shel is one of the leading voices guiding the integration of business practices with social media technology.  His books, journal articles, blog and podcasts have been required reading & viewing for me since I first had the good fortune to stumble across them as a graduate student, more than a decade ago.  I’ve always been inspired by his ability to accurately place new technologies into an appropriate corporate communications context, so that new innovations appear less like a revolutionary break and more an evolutionary step along a continuum of best practices.

In this interview with Shel Israel, Holtz discusses the future of corporate blogging, the advent of Twitter, lifestreaming, and other new social media technologies, and the importance of social media for corporate crisis management, among other things.  An informative and entertaining read, to say the least.

UPDATE: Here’s part 2 of the conversation with Shel Holtz.



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Excellent interview with Josh Bernoff, co-author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.  At about the 3:06 mark, there’s an excellent discussion of how to spearhead a social media initiative within an organization that’s otherwise hesitant.

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